Request for Proposals

Foundation Course-Online Innovation Modules

Cornell University seeks to support modular, online course design in gateway, large-enrollment, foundation or “service” courses for undergraduates. Faculty or departmental teams are invited to develop online modules designed to promote or improve specific learning outcomes or to expand opportunities for the use of class time in experimental ways, including project-based work, peer-group problem-solving or discussion, or other interactive pedagogical approaches.

Pre-proposals were accepted until January 30, 2015 and were assessed by the relevant college dean(s), and evaluated by a team including representatives from the Online Learning Development group, the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Libraries, and Academic Technologies.

Solicited proposal applications are due on March 30, 2015.  Final proposals will be reviewed by the relevant college dean(s) and university’s Online Learning Development group.  Up to five proposals will be awarded.


By March 30, 2015 invited faculty should submit an online proposal application.

The proposal should be no more than 8 single-spaced pages, and should contain the following information.  Feel free to use the MS Word document to assist in preparing your proposal Application to Develop Foundation Course Online Module.

1.  Instructor(s) names

2.  Department and College

3.  Email address

4.  Module information:  In the space below, please provide: proposed launch date (indicate when in a semester), brief module description (~140 words), scope of module content, overview of where/how module will be integrated into the course, and a statement describing why the module is likely to improve student learning or learning opportunities.

5.  Learning outcomes: Please specify what participants will know or be able to do when the module is complete.  Please include proposed assessments (how you intend to measure what participants have learned).  State how the module is expected to enhance or improve students' learning outcomes and describe any course content challenges the module may help to address.

6.  Innovation in pedagogy: Please describe how the proposed online module will create innovation in the course.  Describe how the module might expand opportunities for use of class time to increase student engagement, including project-based work, peer-group problem-solving or discussion or other interactive pedagogical approaches.

7.  Use of technology: Please provide a description of any technologies that are currently used for teaching this course and any new technologies being proposed.  Discuss how the online module can be used to expand the use of hybrid (traditional-online) course designs, innovative technologies, or entirely new academic approaches.

8.  Provide a brief description of the instructors’ previous experience teaching online, blended, or distance learning courses.  Provide a URL of the course web site, if available.

9.  What is the potential for this course to be taught in a fully online format?  Is there an interest in converting this course to a fully online offering in the next two to five years?

10.  Department Chair and Dean statement: Tenure-track faculty are asked to submit statements from the faculty member's department chair and dean, acknowledging the proposed application. Non-tenured-track faculty and staff are asked to submit a letter of support from the department chair(s) in which the applicant’s teaching assignment(s) are made.



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