Online and Innovation Projects

Foundation Course-Online Innovation Modules

Cornell University seeks to support modular, online course design in gateway, large-enrollment, foundation or “service” courses for undergraduates. Faculty or departmental teams are invited to develop online modules designed to promote or improve specific learning outcomes or to expand opportunities for the use of class time in experimental ways, including project-based work, peer-group problem-solving or discussion, or other interactive pedagogical approaches.

Pre-proposals were accepted until January 30, 2015 and were assessed by the relevant college dean(s), and evaluated by a team including representatives from the Online Learning Development group, the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Libraries, and Academic Technologies.

Solicited proposal applications are due on March 30, 2015.  Final proposals will be reviewed by the relevant college dean(s) and university’s Online Learning Development group.


Cornell University offered grants for the creation of  innovation projects and SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) in the areas of online or distance learning, selection for 2014/2015 included:

  • Levent Orman (Management Information Systems) – Electronic Commerce NBA6010x
  • Ashim Datta (Biological and Environmental Engineering) – Problem Solving in Heat and Mass Transfer in a Biological Context BEE3500x
  • John Abowd, Lars Vilhuber (Economics) – Social and Economic Data INFO7470x


Innovation Projects 2014/2015:

Irby Lovette (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology); Mya Thompson (Ornithology)  Incentives for Understanding Evolution creates an interactive learning module bringing to life key topics in evolution related to natural selection, sexual selection, and speciation using Lab of O eLearning expertise.

Richard Miller (Philosophy); Andrew Mertha (Government); Xu Xin (History); Elias Friedman (ILR)  Where is China Headed? pilots a series of interdisciplinary learning modules on the nature and prospects of Chinese politics and society today–the current situation, future possibilities and vital choices, including controversial questions addressed from diverse disciplines and perspectives.

Susan Ashdown (Fiber Science & Apparel Design); Nese Çeğindir (Fiber Science & Apparel Design)  Online Creative Patternmaking: Global Collaborations among Scholars of Apparel Design is a workshop module designed to develop creative practice among advanced undergraduates, graduate students, educators, and professionals in the field of design by creating interaction around 3D online objects.

Anindita Banerjee (Comparative Literature); Debra Castillo (Romance Studies)  Bodies at the Border: Rethinking Migration and Gender through the Digital Academy – A new integrated video management system will bring Cornell students together with scholars and students of comparative border studies at the University of Texas at El Paso and Jadavpur University in Kolkata.

Michael Macy (Sociology); Steve Ceci (Human Development); Jeff Cowie (ILR); Jeff Hancock (Communications)  Six Pretty Good Books is a multi-college interdisciplinary course organized around six highly engaging books by leading experts, focusing attention on interdisciplinary differences in perspective across a range of fundamental puzzles that motivate scientific inquiry regarding human behavior and social interaction.


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