Make a MOOC

Faculty support is available; there is a team of instructional and technological specialists to assist you in the design, development, implementation, and launch of Online and Distance Learning initiatives, as well as to advise you about related innovations and sustainability.

Support for the design and creation of the course will be provided by Academic Technologies, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the Cornell University Library and eCornell.

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Academic Technologies will provide support for the development and production of the course and will collaborate in providing support services with eCornell as needed. During course implementation, Academic Technologies will also provide technical and user support for the course. Services include:

  • Development and use of digital learning resources
  • Multimedia development; recording and production of video lectures; online tutorials
  • Content digitization
  • Technical adaptation of course materials
  • Production of the course within the edX platform

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), in collaboration with the instructor, will provide pedagogical support including:

  • Assistance in developing an online syllabus
  • Formulating learning outcomes
  • Organizing course content into effective modules
  • Creating meaningful assessments

Cornell University Library will review and seek required permissions for materials under copyright and will collaborate with faculty and the production team in selecting and integrating supporting materials into a course. Course material services extend beyond seeking permission for the use of individual journal articles, to include review of all secondary material that will be integrated into a course.

  • Provide assistance to faculty who are interested in embedding digital literacy modules
  • Identify alternatives and/or permissions for the selection and integration of materials (entire chapters or books)

eCornell is collaborating with professors David Easley, Jon Kleinberg, and Eva Tardos to design and produce the CornellX MOOC, Networks, Crowds, and Markets. eCornell is managing all aspects of the course’s design and production, and is coordinating with Cornell Academic Technologies and the Center for Teaching Excellence to ensure consistency with other CornellX offerings. They provide the following services:

  • Instructional design
  • Multimedia recording and production
  • Technical adaptation of the course materials
  • Production and testing of the course within the edX platform

Additional resources for Online Learning:

School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

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