• What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is a free (Open) online course that is available to anyone with Internet access.

• Can I take a MOOC from any school?

Yes, MOOCs are free (open) online courses that are available to anyone with Internet access.  View all edX online courses (MOOCs) at:  https://www.edx.org/.

• How do I get information or sign up for a MOOC?

Cornell’s first four MOOCs (referred to as CornellX courses) are NOW open for enrollment. If you are interested, please visit Cornell’s course page at: https://www.edx.org/school/cornellx. If you have questions about MOOCs, please email us at: innovprojects@cornell.edu.

• How do I find out more about CornellX courses and being a student?

Visit the edX student FAQ at: https://www.edx.org/student-faq

• What is the fee for enrolling in a MOOC?

A MOOC is a free (Open) online course that is available to anyone with Internet access.

• What is CornellX?

Cornell is part of edX, a leader in an online learning movement called MOOCs that offers highly rigorous online college course from the world’s best professors and universities to anyone in the world. edX is a MOOC platform founded by MIT and Harvard to offer online, university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide audience. For more information on edX, please visit: https://www.edx.org/org-faq

• Why MOOCs?

By joining edX, Cornell has formalized its commitment to help faculty start offering MOOCs, which is becoming widely popular. MOOCs will enhance Cornell’s visibility for potential students and opens up and models opportunities for innovation in teaching through online methods that have a wide potential impact within and beyond the Cornell campus.

• How is a MOOC different from a Cornell Online Course?

MOOCs are open to anyone with Internet access and are free of charge. Cornell online courses have been primarily fee-based courses, with options for Cornell credits.

• Can I earn college credit by taking a CornellX MOOC?

Currently, a student cannot earn a college credit by taking a CornellX course, but they can earn an edX certification upon completion of a course. CornellX MOOCs are designed so that participants can leverage their work to earn additional educational benefits.

• Is there a limit on the number of participants in a MOOC?

No, CornellX MOOCs are open to any interested party (Massive). A typical course may have thousands of students. For example, the first MOOC offered at Stanford University in 2011 had over 160,000 participants (20,000 completed the course). However some of the planned open courses have a specialized audience focus and have fewer participants.

• How can a professor manage a class with so many students?

MOOCs are designed so that learners can assist one another. They also make use of technology to provide content, assessments and feedback. CornellX MOOCs are carefully designed by Cornell professors working with skilled Instructional Designers. This research-based design is coupled with the use of state of the art technology to provide students with an outstanding learning experience.

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